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Job Description

Job Description
Promoting the Mister Suite service by managing SEM operations for company exposure as well as optimizing currently listed properties under subscription.
Key responsibilities
Marketing planning and strategy development
Implement listings, execute company advertisements and gain media exposure
Analyzing and optimizing website access
SEO・SEM management
*Company members strive to collaborate and share ideas on our service regardless of their position

Business level English
Experience in SEO・SEM
Experience in managing listing advertisement
Experience in compiling analytic reports for online marketing
*You will be working in a primarily English speaking environment
Working experience at an advertisement firm
Experience in managing web marketing for a company
Experience in use of web access analyzation tools
Experience in implementing web marketing strategies
Ideal candidate characteristics:
Passion for creating a service which contributes to society
Driven to develop effective and engaging team dynamics
Enthusiastic in acquiring new skills
A collaborative team player
Interest in working in a global environment

About Squeeze Inc.

SQUEEZE aims to be the #1 technology driven vacation rental management company in a multi-billion dollar industry. We are revolutionizing the vacation rental space! SQUEEZE is growing at record speed and expanding to new markets! Our platform allows you to market your home on multiple platforms using our advanced pricing algorithm and our 24/7 booking team. Our technology manages all activities such as cleanings and key exchanges. We run the vacation rental management service ''Mister Suite'' helping individuals renting out rooms, apartments, or other listings on vacation rental platforms like Airbnb and TravelMob. Mister Suite offers complete supports including screening guests, handling inquiries and bookings, helping key drops, scheduling a cleaning service, guest transportation, and other maintenance. Mister Suite makes hosting as easy and automated as possible. ----Media------------------------------------- MINPAKU Minpaku lists columns and information translated in Japanese targeting Japanese hosts/room owners to let them acknowledge more of the concepts of vacation rental and to make the best use of the service/business. http://blog.mistersuite.com/sample-page/ TRIPALS Trip Pals is a blog dedicated to helping tourists visiting Tokyo. Our team is dedicated to make your visit, however short or long, a memorable experience. http://trip.mistersuite.com/about/ --------------------------------------------------- SQUEEZE is growing faster than we can handle, which is why we’re looking for someone to help us scale! We are seeking best-in-class Guest Service Specialists who are passionate about delighting Guests and Owners. You’ll play a direct role in improving the customer experience, scaling the business, and creating powerful brand advocates.
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