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Job Description

We are looking for individuals with strong software engineer foundation, ideally graduates from a Computer Science school from an accredited university. This position is based in Tokyo and Japanese language is strongly preferred.



o    In-depth proven knowledge of at least one major programming language such as C++, Java, Erlang. Solid grasp of software engineering concepts such as algorithm analysis, optimization and data structures, concurrent programming concepts, and others.


o    At least 5 years of programming experience working on industrial grade projects within a major industry, preferably in finance. Candidates will be required to provide code samples and details about the projects they have worked on.



o    Japanese speakers strongly preferred.

About Quoine

We are a team of professionals formerly with major global banking institutions, including Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, HSBC, ANZ, UBS, Liffe. We count with combined decades of experience in the banking and IT industry at executive level (CIO, CTO) and senior level positions across various financial disciplines including Fixed Income, Currencies & Commodities, Exchange Technology, Quality Assurance, Electronic Trading, Forex Trading & Quantitative Development, Derivatives, Risk Management, Controls, Regulatory and others areas. Our advisors and investors include entrepreneurs and professionals previously with top global VC firms. Our management team includes former Japan CIO of a major bank, Asia region CTO of Fixed Income, Currencies & Commodities Markets. Our systems development team also includes top experts in Web and Mobile development and design, as well as Forex and Interest Rates quant developers.We are a company incorporated both in Japan and Singapore, both key world-class financial and business hubs. The platform we offer is backed by solid processes aimed at managing operational risk. Our processes and procedures are based on our own experience working in highly regulated financial markets
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