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Job Description

<Skill that is correct and necessary>
– Be able to understand the basics of Web technology (there is or learning can capability)
and business to understand their requirements definition can be, such as flow, such as screen transition
can – with anyone exact conversation, it can be said that their opinions, the concept is solid
there is a speed sense (or rotation early in the head)
good is and information collection (or familiar with things, drawers wide)
(there is or sense of responsibility) type to act steadily from their own have-independence
– it is possible to enjoy a change in the environment (stress durability, positive thinking)
, networking (there can make ability or personal connections) that is
(there is or atmosphere) that, around some action involving is the

<Application Guidelines>
▪️ Posting Title: Researcher / Business Developments / planning
while to learn · Web knowledge, who hopes to become a business person in charge
should rubbed in an environment that venture company, who wants to grow ▪️ Salary: monthly salary 230,000 yen – the ability to depending on fluctuations ▪️ various allowances: transportation expenses paid (with an upper limit) ▪️ work location: headquarters / Shibuya-ku, Tokyo ▪️ holiday: full five-day week (Saturday, Sunday, holidays) ▪️ vacation: – annual paid leave , summer vacation , year-end and New year holiday , congratulations and condolences holiday golden week ▪️ selection flow: document screening → 1-order selection → 2 preliminary screening → job offer

About LeapMind,Inc.

LeapMind, Inc. Is taking advantage of "a complicated, simply" a make anyone simple to use platform for advanced technology such as Deep Learning technology to the mission, the complex and cumbersome technology in business, the world This was established companies in order to advance in one step ahead in particular, we have studied in focus, such as to calculate the amount of compression and distributed intelligence
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